CCISD School District

This is almost too hard to believe.  Suffice it to say I am disappointed
with the leadership at the Clear Creek School District in southeast
Houston, TX.

I find it hard to believe they think it's appropriate to give
partial credit to students who don't even show up to take 
a test or make any effort to make-up a test that was missed.
But to think they are spending my money to sue the state legislators 
in an effort to overturn their laws on the matter.  Only the education
industry, and maybe the automotive industry, would step forward
to do something this stupid.  What an example for our children. 
Truely incredible.

Believe it or not, this WAS one of the better school districts in
Texas.  The following 2 articles were printed back-to-back in
the 9/2/2010 Bay Area Citizen newspaper.




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