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Some of My Interests

Mapping / GPS




Rock Collecting

Crime Victims Rights



Cemeteries in USA

Search Cemetery Burials for a Family Name

Round Barns in USA

Land Patent Search

TemperNTC Temperature Monitor



Daily File Posting                What is this?

Think you are a Mensa Candidate?

Techno Gibberish

Why are CEO's Paid so Much?

Throw the Bums Out

Why I am Not Proud of my School District

School Spending per Student

William Cook Memorial

Windows Sucks

Steel Pipe Dimensions

This was WAY before Obamacare

Does Anybody Else Think the TX Constitution is too Detailed?

Global Warming; Yeah - Uh Huh

More Stuff


Who Am I?

I'm a Model

I'm a Fisherman

My Brother looks up to me

I like Blues Music

I Love Boogie

Already Not Listening in 2nd Grade

My Calendar



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