The TX Constitution is Too Specific


I kid you not, I voted on this proposition on 10/25/2013, amongst about 9 other
proposed propositions:

"The constitutional amendment to authorize a political subdivision of this state to extend the
number of days that aircraft parts that are exempt from ad valorem taxation due to their
location in this state for a temporary period may be located in this state for purposes of
qualifying for the tax exemption."

Talk about minutia detail.
I'm not saying this is a bad thing - maybe it should pass, but I voted against it.
The main point is it probably doesn't need to be in the TX Consititution.

If you think it should be in the TX Consititution feel free to tell me why:

If by chance you want to know more about this proposition see this site:,_Proposition_3_(2013)

But more importantly, see this:

Politicians - is there really any difference between any of them?


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