Hiking Trails In The USA

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When it finally loads it will display a map of trails in the USA similar to the
map below, except you can zoom in on the map by using your scroll wheel.

What We Do Here

This site intends to display all the long, remote hikes in the USA. By long we
mean over 30 miles. By remote we mean largely through terrain that is not on
(major) roads. So these are trails that are intended to be hiked over many days.
We also disseminate, to the best of our ability, the information on this site.
We can often provide trail data in GPX, Text, Shapefile, and other formats. Right
now it is necessary for you to ask for this data by emailing me at:
Soon there will be a way for you to download directly.

If you have trail data to submit, please send it our way. We would like any trail data
in any format that you have. GPX and KML are best, but we take any format:

These are trails we are particularly looking for:
-American Discovery Trail [This is mostly on road]
-Florida Trail
-Pacific Northwest Trail


QGIS is an open source (free) Geographic Information System. It has a steep learning
curve, but you can do quite a bit with it when you are proficient with it.
Who care, right? We just want to go hiking. Well if you do want to learn QGIS
let me know if I can help. I could steer you through the basics fairly quickly.

Trans America Trail


Contact me at temp3@mflan.com

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