Daily File Posting Explaination   (Last Updated 6/17/2012)

The daily file posting is a random post of a file off my computer.  Every day a random file
from about 105,000 files is selected and posted at

This is not open to every file on my computer, but only ones that I am willing to share with others.
Yes, many of these files are inane garbage, but some do have good information.  The file version
you see on the website is only an HTML approximation of the original file, so if you request the
original file it may look significantly different, and often better, in some cases.

On most modern browers some of the filename information is shown on the browser tab.  Make
sure you include that information if you request a copy of the file from me.  I will do my best to find
it and deliver it to you.

The same file should not be posted twice in the same year, but this could happen if there are multiple
copies of the same file on my computer or if something goes wrong with the program.


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