Only a Chairman or CEO would be bright enough to know that this
name change was the right thing to do.  The depth of his strategic
planning is truly stunning.  Worth every penny of his salary.    :-)


Taken from the September 2003 World Grain magazine:

Spomasz announces name change

OSTROW WIELKOPOLSKI, POLAND - Spomasz recently announced it has changed its name from Fabryka Maszyn Spozywczych Spomasz w Ostrowie Wielkopolskim Spolka Akcyjna (Factory of Machines for Food Industry Spomasz In Ostrow Wielkopolski, a joint stock company) to a shorter FP Spomax S.A.

Chairman Slawomir Iarczak said the name change had long been a part of strategic marketing plans to promote easier identification of the company as well as its products and services. "We are convinced that the new name will come up well to our expectations," he said. "It is short and easy to pronounce, write and remember."

Iarczak said the change applies only to the name; the product range, headquarters, owners and dedicated staff all remain. “We believe that this change is a strong impulse for achieving further successes together with our clients."

The company can be reached at its new and shorter web site address: 

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